January 03, 2016

Official Announcement and...

Kelly Ann Miller announces that she is taking a break in 2016. "I'm not quitting...again," she reassured, "I just need some time to actually write music without the distraction of booking and traveling and being a starving musician." With a plan to do a few shows here and there, Kelly Ann plans to come back in full force after a short sabbatical.

In the meantime, she has answered a few questions from fans...

July 10, 2015

"Dance Together" debuts Live Only

Imagine a child who feels lost, abandoned, neglected, unloved, abused, threatened and, most importantly, unheard. Who listens to them? Who acts for their benefit? What happens when they grow up and have not resolved these? I wrote this song with visions of my own childhood and that of other children who, for whatever reasons, have deep-seated and secret pain. It gets buried so deeply, becoming a part of our very consciousness, that I was overwhelmed with a desire to let it out and bring healing.

February 23, 2015

la la and let go of what? | the story behind the song

"I want my dreams. I want my hopes. I want my, my, my, my security," the song begins. There were so many drastic changes in my life, completely outside of my control, and some really mean people that made me forget the good ones. My sporadic bouts with paralysis, muscle spasms, dizziness and excruciating fatigue had stripped away any sense I had once had of security. I had stopped dreaming. Stopped hoping. I could not even count on myself, let alone other people. I wanted to wallow in self pity and give up. For over a year I kept picking up my guitar, playing that intro, and getting mad because I couldn't move forward with the song. 

December 24, 2014

how illness made me commit

Many people are devastated when their dreams fall apart. I was devastated when I couldn't pay my bills and live on my own anymore. I had been plagued with debilitating neuromuscular symptoms for years with no answers. I was also being encouraged to play music again after having given up on it completely. So when I had to move back in with my parents and re-think my career plans, I saw only one, physical option: go all in as a singer/songwriter.

December 03, 2014


Someday I'm going to release my first full length album. I named it a few years ago and came up with an idea for a blog to go along with it. Only, that album hasn't even been written yet and I didn't start that blog. I have spent a lot of time with ideas that I don't act on because of this excuse or that. Well, it's time to stop and take action.